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Dealing with some setbacks

Ignore me just trying to get back into shape. Wait, round is a shape right?

Not gonna lie. The last two years has not been good for my body. Let me see if I can quickly catch you up on my non-exercise excuses. I ended 2020 running a marathon and being in (arguably) relatively good shape and hopeful to sign up for a long distance triathlon.

So there you have the excuses.

Now rebuilding isn't completely new to me, but rebuilding used to involve taking a few months of break not two years. Generally, the build phase of a rebuild is painful but pretty short. I've been able to get to the point where a 7km session doesn't feel like running with an elephant on your back.

Either the motivation isn't there, my physical capabilities aren't there (I am 40+ years old) or the mental fortitude has withered away.

The reality is that I'm probably just dealing with getting old and dealing with my body's limitations. This process has been slow because I've had to adjust over time.

Is this what getting old looks like? Maybe I should join an aquacise class instead of running.