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Vacation in our own back yard

I always wonder how many people have actually been a tourist in their own backyard. I mean, buy a guidebook learn weird obscure facts, see the sights in your own city.

We are Vancouver, British Columbia locals, and we can do these things at any time. The reality is closer to the fact that we probably only become tourists when we have out-of-town visitors and we're forced to research things to take friends out.

Since this pandemic came, our family (like most people) followed travel restrictions and stayed within our own province. That usually means: Harrison Hot Springs, Kelowna, Osoyoos or Vancouver Island. This time around, it was Victoria.

We've been there before but we only limited ourselves to walking around downtown, looking through a few shops in Chinatown and the hotel's pool.

We ended up in a hop-on hop-off double decker bus. Things we saw:

Highly recommend doing the bus tour! Just in-case you didn't know (because I didn't) the bus had voice over that explains the area that you're in, the history, with some interesting facts (and cheeky commentary) peppered throughout. You are not just sitting there staring into the abyss of landmarks without any context.

The next day, we went to see those kids, a treasure hunt in the castle and a boatload of Beaver tails (courtesy of Groupon).

BTW, if you're close to 328 Taphouse + Grill you have to try the black and blue pizza!

For next time? Well, it's a very bike friendly city. I think we'll bring our bikes next time and explore the city using bike paths.