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2017 notes to myself

Nice to meet you 2017! Glad to see that you've made it here safely. I'm trying to be more honest and open so let me tell you about a few things that I wanted te put on the burner this year and why.

Also just a note, I've left off the 'how' part of this post because, well I'm a bit more embarrassed of that. :) Mostly because the Internet will see that I'm severly dehydrated (i.e. Drink a minimum of 2L of water a day) or vain (i.e. Weigh myself everyday and use the Garmin app to track it). So with that said, let's start!

In 2017, I will focus on creating things of value for people, putting some positivity back into the world, and rebuilding Ritchie (me).

I want to feel in control of my destiny. To be comfortable with my insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. I will become a person that works and hustles every day to create or build value. Don't be a jerk. I want an expanded circle of friends and building deeper relationships with my close friends and family. Rebuilding good healthy habits to make sure that the body feels strong, active, and never lazy. I want to rebuild my mobility and become a triathlete in the long term. Finally, I want to know that I am a competitive candidate as an IT manager and a developer.

I will say 'yes' to more opportunities that come my way and finish things that I start successfully.

Find more time to spend with my family and friends

In 2016, I learned that taking vacations with family and friends weren't bad at all. It was the first year of #BestBudsVacay! Our family went to Hawaii to celebrate Cheryl's 40th orbit around the sun. In the past, vacations weren't big for me; work and career always took priority. I want to do more of it.

Create more things and put it out there into the world

In 2016, we launched Nucleoid and sadly pulled it back because we didn't feel like it was ready. So we'll work on it more and relaunch it back in 2017.

Vlogging has been a fascinating experience. It reminds me of the old days of the online publishing and the excitement of being at the turning point for something big.

Photography is also something that I've rediscovered. I haven't bought a digital camera in years (I've been inheriting my DSLRs from my father-in-law), but buying a new camera is exactly what I did in December with a promise to take more pictures.

Become healthier

I definitely feel like I've lost track of my health in 2016. I've been plagued with running injuries and sickness which really put a damper on plans. I've made a goal to rediscover triathlons in near future and work towards that. Finding my motivation and selfless reasons for being healthy in 2017 is my big priority.

Rediscover my career

I've been at my company for a long time (a little less than 20 years)! I've changed job title, moved to different roles but it's hard not to question the validity of my skillset. For example, how well do I stack up as a developer to others out there in the field? Have I stagnated as an IT manager? A little investment of time in this area wouldn't hurt.

So there you have it. Let's do this!