Weekend Getaway: Telus’ Science World

In 2014, one of my BHAG goals was to spend more time with the family over the weekends. To carve out a day here and there to do some activities for the kids. I’ve been experimenting with stuff that is both interesting for us (as the parents) and the kids.

We’ve gone to the mall and had lunch there. However, that seemed more like an outing for us parents rather than the kids. Mackenzee really enjoyed the Vancouver Aquarium. They have a jellyfish exhibit and she really can stare at those things forever. Chyler gets bored (as most 2 years can get) and starts to run a muck. Not good when you have sharks, stingrays, and jelly fish behind a glass wall and a 2 year old that has zero fear of running head first into the exhibit.

However what has really worked for us is Telus’ Science World. The kids love it!

There is a display in the first floor close to the entrance and it’s got a squid’s eye! Mackenzee loves it! She could stare at that (creepy looking) thing forever.

On the first floor there are puzzles everywhere. I spent a good chunk of time with Mackenzee just sitting down, explaining what to do and trying to figure things out together. It’s a good exercise in patience and problem solving.

On the second floor, things are a lot more interactivity for the kids. There is a space where they can learn to redirect the flow of water (and get wet). There are a few gravity based activities that involves watching a ball go down a series of bells and obstacles. One looks suspiciously like Plinko!

On both days, Chyler really enjoyed the interactive water exhibits. The water would start off and let gravity take it down. In the process, you can put down series of blocks which could redirect the water and make a faster current. Anytime a boy can play in the water and get himself wet is generally seen as a success.

There was a human body exhibit that would teach kids how long the intestine was (spoiler alert: really long). A place where they could put their hands on some sensors and a big drum would thump their heartbeats.

The small dinosaur exhibit was good enough because it had all of the dinosaurs regularly represented in Dinosaur Train PBS series. It was really hard to explain that they were looking at the insides of Buddy and Tiny and avoiding the fact that they were dead.

Here are some pictures! There isn’t a lot. Cheryl and I spent most of the day chasing after them running between the exhibits worried that they might some how destroy things rather than taking pictures.

Took the featured photo from this site because, it’s a cool picture.

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