It’s just not cool anymore

You know, a long time ago. I started this blog because I read, and thought, man thats cool! I wanna do that! I wanna write like that and be as profound like those blogger guys and gals. Then it dawned on me I actually had the means. After a $79 registration fee to get the domain, and a commitment of $20 a month for the hosting was born. I kept immersing myself in the culture, and at one point even became one of the rowdy kids at sxsw; eating bbq, flying back and forth from Vancouver to San Francisco and socializing with (who I considered) the web’s elite. Those were fun days!

Today, everyone seems to be a social media marketer because they “tweet” on a regular basis. Or they seem to recycle some abstract idea and translate it into web (e.g. What is the sound of one finger tweeting when the fail whale is up?). Or they obsess about followers and retweets, facebook friends and meetups.

Then I read Patton Oswalt’s article: Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die and it all made sense to me. It’s too saturated! Everyone seems to have written a how-to book on how to blog with the first 3 chapters dedicated to (Step 1) installing wordpress, getting a posterous account, getting a twitter account or even signing up for blogger and how much they hate MySpace. Step 2? Recycle an opinion and market the hell out of it. Forget about understanding it, just keep saying the most outrageous things. The more you offend, then the more traffic you get. And of course the most glorious step? Monetize (Did I mention that these days Step 3 is always monetize?)

There is too much noise and not enough substance. It seems that these days the goal is blog traffic, sponsorship and a maybe even a book deal. Where is the love? The joy of finding a hidden gem on the Internet and sharing it with people. The thrill of self-publishing your thoughts. Making connections and friends through ideas, getting inspired and not because you want to network and get more twitter followers? Is it still worth it?

I miss the days when I look for a book recommendation that I get a caliber of book like the Life of Pi or Ecstasy Club and not Twilight. There was a time in the internet when personal stories were meaningful, deep, sensitive and inspiring. A time when the Webby Awards weren’t hosted by BJ Novak but John Halcyon Styn! When meme’s were cool mirror photos taken with lomos and not with instagram.

I know it totally sounds like I’m hanging my keyboard up and leaving. I’m not. It’s just a little rant to clear my head and get on with blogging about the banality of what I had for lunch today (pasta).

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    1. What I find funny is that this totally turns me into those, “Back in the old days. We used to walk 2000km to get to school and when we got there we had to build our desks before the teacher taught us.”

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