Ritchie vs Transformers 2

Ok, so I went to go see Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen with the wife and wanted to write a quick review of the movie. Let me put some context around this post. (1) I didn’t like the first movie. I thought that not having Bumblebee as a VW beetle should’ve automatically stopped production. (2) I had really low expectations because usually sequels are worse the original and (3) I consider Michael Bay the douche of movie making (right up there with Brett Ratner). You know the douche type: Oakley sport glasses while wearing a suit, with Nike runners, and the haircut like one of the male leads of the Gossip Girls.

Ok, so let’s start off with the things that Ritchie didn’t like. Bumblebee is still not a VW beetle. There is a character called The Fallen (and I keep wondering why my friends and family stop me from being known as “The Ritchie”). 3 years passed between this movie and the last. You would assume that the human characters would’ve gotten better weapons. You know weapons technology, DARPA, and all that junk. It also bothers me that hating this movie makes me talk in the third person.

And the following are the things that Ritchie liked about Transformers 2, in point form:

  • An unnecessary amount of transforming
  • Megan Fox running
  • Megan Fox running in slow motion
  • Megan Fox running in the dessert
  • Shia LaBeouf Megan Fox running through the city
  • A decent amount of action (even though the action looked like Bad Boys with robots)

So if you like the above point form list, then I predict that you will absolutely like the movie.